Another thought provoking piece by Engage consultants. The real variable as I see it is the Shopper. The traditional territory for manufacturers is the under 25’s and yet the current ‘millennials’ generation is split into the haves and the indebted. The high street seems to be going in that direction too – the luxury stores and then value. Let us also not forget the influence of the Baby boomers – the last generation with a real disposable income. That is possibly the picture for the developed world, but it will be a totally different picture for the developing world .

Mike Anthony @ engage consultants

shopper marketing revolutionBe careful what you wish for, shoppers

There are a number of technologies which enable or enhance the in-home shopping experience – a little while ago I read a super blog  which lists out  an array of shopper technology such as virtual stores and virtual changing rooms, all designed to enhance the shopping experience.  Sometimes one can’t help think whether there’ll be a day where bricks and mortar stores no longer exist. What will that world be like?

The future is? The age of the shopper

Whatever happens, the world of retail and of consumer goods will never be the same again. The consumer goods industry grew up in the late nineteenth century, built around the concept of building a brand (helped by the creation of radio as a mass media) and distributing widely. This model remained unchanged for a hundred years as distribution (interstate, rail, planes etc.) plus…

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