I really like this milk example. I think it demonstrates real out of the box thinking, but it would take someone with some backbone to execute. After all, no money is being spent and solutions to problems should be harder to achieve (and if it’s so easy why should I pay a consultant:-). This example also suggests that we look at the validity of the rules of category management. Do they have the same relevance in today’s world?

Mike Anthony @ engage consultants

I read a neat article from the HBR recently  – which argued the point that great marketing works when brands start helping them make purchase decisions. The article uses Amazon and its reviews approach to make the point, but it got me thinking about shopper marketing and whether this was a relevant point beyond environments such as Amazon.

The stores most consumer brands inhabit are, unfortunately, often far from helpful. Overcrowded shelves, packed with too many products: deals and promotions on up to 40% of the merchandise which makes it harder for the shopper to see everything and harder to decide: products out of stock, merchandised incorrectly: signage banished by clean store policies or simply out of date (can you see the beer in the image below? No, nor me). The average supermarket seems to do very little to help shoppers make a purchase decision.

 Mike Anthony on Shopper Marketing Helping Shoppers Make Purchase Decisions Is Key To Marketing Success

The much lauded concept…

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