Eye-tracking everywhere

Eye-tracking everywhere

I think the advances in eye-tracking are fascinating from a marketer point of view. The impact of being ‘tracked’ instore is now being minimised with unobtrusive headset, and the costs are coming down so it’s not just the big manufacturers that can afford to use this research tool. Everyone can! As with everything there is a fine line between useful and invading your privacy. Personally I am not for progress for progress’s sake and can’t see myself using google glasses either. Call me old fashioned, but looking someone in the eye and realise they are looking at something else on their screen is an experience I don’t want. Does anyone remember the etiquette around mobile phones? These days nobody bothers and half of your audience is fiddling with their smartphone.

The fine line gets crossed however when your information goes out of becoming a research tool and into being a tracking tool and where your facial parameters are merged with your personal data, or get into a situation where they can be. Once that connection has been established you have no privacy and someone somewhere has access to it.

For now though, lets revel in the facility we have in our hands as a great research tool.


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