“Sadvertising”: Tears Are Not Enough?

It’s the standard request from a corporate client to an advertising agency. Make my widget meaningful. This article is a great one about the wave of emotion on advertising – this time focused on ‘sadvertising’. I rather like that word. The resulting tearjerker does get those likes on Facebook, and that is already becoming of dubious value, but does it have an enduring value? Ithink not. I’m reminded of Roy Batty’s (Rutger Hauer’s) monologue in Blade Runner ‘All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain’

Brian Juicer Blog

This week, Fast Company got a bunch of online attention for a piece on trends in emotional advertising – “The Rise Of Sadvertising”. It’s a great piece, and more than a catchy title – the article’s central argument is that the demands of an online, social audience has made advertisers realise the importance of making emotional ads more. In order to work socially, video ads have to make audiences feel something – the message-heavy approach simply won’t cut it.



As you might guess from the title, the piece focuses on emotional ads which are meant to make you feel sad – with tales of clients demanding commercials that will make audiences cry! Naturally we agree with the emphasis on emotional advertising – and if it takes chasing virals to make people embrace that, so be it! But sadness on its own isn’t a royal road to an…

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