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Shopper Boffin self portrain
Shopper Boffin self portrait

I’ve been in integrated marketing for over 20 years on the Agency side, and ever since then we’ve been hearing about media fragmentation and the promise of targeted communication. With the rise of e-commerce, this accountability has started to become a reality.

Traditional retailing has suffered, for some terminally, and for some they have survived by adapting. However, it has also become clear that these developments do not follow a linear track, nor do they follow a single market model.

I became involved in shopper marketing over ten years ago and it seemed to hold a lot of promise as a way of looking at modern marketing. We’ve clearly moved from a scarcity led market to an oversupply of products.

Even this year the likes of Tesco, in an attempt to regain profitability, will be reducing the numbers of SKU’s by 30%.We’ve also seen an evolution over those years as to what shopper marketing is and I believe that it will continue to evolve beyond its traditional place in trade and category management, the ubiquitous first moment of truth and even the path to purchase. I take a broad view of shopper marketing that brings us down to the essence of marketing – that of changing behaviour. This automatically brings us to developing areas like behavioural economics and consumer neuroscience.

In this blog, I hope to highlight some relevant articles and perhaps touch those in our industry for the need to embrace shopper marketing in a broad sense both from the brand perspective but increasingly the agency side which I believe continues to lag behind brand owners in developing new models.

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