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Why mobile doesn’t actually drive purchase

Why mobile doesn’t actually drive purchase

This article actually requires a good deal of attention. Even painting an optimistic picture on the usage of mobile on the shopping journey in-store it’s clear that there are big gaps in mobile usage for different categories. Naturally the higher value items on your shopping list deserve scrutiny and investigation, but what about the low value, commodity products? Is a shopper going to compare the price for a bag of chips and decide to shop elsewhere? Are they really going to want to spend extra time on the mobile instore when they need to go somewhere? Do you really have both your hands free to search on the internet? If my shopping journey is not going to be made easier, shorter, more convenient or provides significant financial advantage as a result of mobile usage then why should I bother.


Life with Google glasses

This is a video that imagines a couple of American housewives and their (shopping) lives with Google Glasses. This is a rather unreal and bizarre scenario for us in Europe or Asia, and probably not a desirable one. Sergey Brin looks strange enough wearing one of these devices and I certainly can’t imagine that I would enjoy anyone I’m talking to to be wearing one.