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Data is destroying insight – Marketing’s biggest problem

A critical point for the cooperation between the advertising/shopper agency and the brand owner; Insight is intertwined with the creative process and the good agency seeks to stay focused on the insight driven creative output. If focus is lost then the agency can get sucked into the trap of being analysts along with the brand owner.

Mike Anthony @ engage consultants

Data Is Destroying Insight

I’m more than a little worried. One of the core foundations of marketing seems to be wobbling, and this wobble is extremely prevalent in the shopper marketing space. My concern? We’re forgetting what an insight is.

As more and more data reaches marketers’ desks you’d think that we’d see more insight, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. Across the globe jobs are advertised as “Shopper Insight Manager”; yet the job description is more of an analyst’s role – a number cruncher. “Marketers” are so busy crunching the data they don’t seem to have time to be insightful. The word insight is now so misused that perhaps it should be retired, and replaced with some other word which actually means what insight used to mean.

Can there be too much data?

Unfortunately more data does not necessarily mean more insight. Worse: If that data is misinterpreted, taken in…

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