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Assessing The Damage Of ‘The Amazon Effect’

Steve Dennis on the Amazon phenomenon – a deep dive into a topic where few people are asking any question

Steve Dennis

Since I anticipate being labeled a Luddite, a Socialist and a hypocrite by some, let me acknowledge that I firmly believe that Amazon has done a lot of good for consumers by expanding choice, making shopping far more convenient and by delivering extraordinary product value. I recognize that many retailers were long overdue for a swift kick in their strategy. I also remain a very good and loyal Amazon customer. And I anticipate that the Whole Foods acquisition will ultimately result in lower prices, an enhanced shopping experience and maybe even improve the availability of more healthful food options. These are all good things.

Yet, we can’t–and shouldn’t–ignore the profound effect that Amazon is having on just about every corner of the retail world they set their sights on. Amazon is the proverbial 800-pound gorilla. Their entry into a market segment reshapes shopping dynamics, upsets the supply chain and exerts tremendous…

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Trying to be clever

For those who have watched Ghost Busters, this might be a witty message that could resonate and make us giggle, perhaps disrupting our shopping journey enough to purchase the product. But it also defines a very small segment of shoppers who will understand this play on words.