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What can Shopper Marketers learn from the Christmas retailer results?

A nice summary of Christmas Shopping for 2013. Some people think the writing is on the wall for Bricks and Mortar retailers but they are adapting, and adopting digital.

GreyShopper London


By Rob Sellers

Over the last few days various major UK retailers have been releasing their results, talking about ‘tough conditions’ or lauding their better than expected performance. We’re not city analysts (you get a much better class of person at a Shopper Marketing agency), so we don’t need to peer through the financial smokescreens and declare a ‘winner’. However, we can look at what they are saying and understand the important trends to apply for Shopper Marketing plans for this year.

1)    The ‘Big Christmas Shop’…

Still exists, but not as we traditionally think. No longer is mum driving out of town to push a huge trolley around a supermarket for 3 weeks worth of seasonal groceries. Almost all the main grocers enjoyed big LfL growth in online & delivery. Despite poor overall results, was up 11% on last year, Sainsbury up 10%.  We can expect bulk items…

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